Playbuzz: Perfect for Quizzes

Recently, I have discovered an interactive website called Playbuzz when trying to prepare a fun quiz for a certain website.However, it turned out to be used for creating polls, quizzes, trivias, lists and even for writing a story. I am gonna mention about quizzes for today.



There are many quizzes you can take which other users created it and shared publicly. If you want to take one step further and create your own quiz on any topic and category, click the Create button.


You can determine the number of questions, and answer choices. Moreover, after the answer is given, you can add the explanation which is pretty informative besides being fun. In the end, you can specify the overall score from the text.

Here is an example:




Not surprisingly, you may choose to use quizzes for teaching purposes. Don’t forget: even if you aren’t planning to create any quizzes, trivia, etc., you can always enjoy the site :))


Language Learning App: Memrise

Memrise is an app where you can find more than 200 languages. They are not just limited to English. Besides, they are assertive about their methodology, which is using flashcards with “mem”s. It is based on how our brain works.

It is very hard to not learn a word or phrase with Memrise because you have to answer correctly six times in terms of writing, listening, and choosing the meaning of it. There is so much to talk about, but if you wanna try it out yourselves, here is the link to the web page for the computers:

Web 2.0 Tools That I liked Most in the Class

Hello, everyone. Today, I wanna share with you the Web 2.0 tools I liked the most among the ones which we have seen in Computer Skill II Class. The first one is “Slideshare” and, as a matter of fact, it is very popular. People from all areas share their slides on the web page; thus, you can learn from the specialists’ presentation on that area. Besides, it can be used as a storage tool as well since you can change the visibility of slides -only you would be able to access them. The quality of its content is the part I loved the most actually. Amazinggggggg help with the homeworks!!! The second one is “Prezi” which is also a web page dealing with slides. With Prezi, you can find so many kinds of templates and choose the best template which suits your purpose. It has many advantages over PowerPoint such as how the slides change in interaction to one another. However, I should admit that it is very hard to use and I haven’t completely mastered it yet. The last one is “ekşisözlük“. A Turkish hard-to-describe web page. Massive numbers of people communicate about the topics that they choose and one topic can have thousands of entries. Of course, this wasn’t the first time I have heard about it; however, I happened to have learned that ekşisözlük is just like a wiki where you can find tons of information and they are similar in terms of collaborations of everyone who volunteers. Long story short, I found these tools very effective and if you like check the sites, here are the links:


Korean-English Vocabulary Through Quizlet

Hi, everyone! I’ve recently discovered a site and I couldn’t help but share it with you.

If you don’t know quizlet, there are learning and teaching stuff in every area inside the web page, from Renaissance Art to computer programming. The categories are Flashcards, Learn, Spell, Test, Match and Gravity. It is best to follow the order of these categories since it is designed to be learned step by step. Also, you can create your own flashcards for free.

If you want to learn basic Korean, here is the link for one of the many Korean-English study plan. I’ve chosen this one for you:

Also, this link is about a teaching vocabulary experience through quizlet:

Enjoy!!! 🙂

Hello Followers!!

I am Aslı Yener from Turkey, and this my first post in bloggers’ world. If you’re not a fan of Korean dramas, k-pop, etc., you are probably wondering about what is “JjangNoona” means. Jjang means “best” in Korean, it is basically “thumbs up” -the word is very fun to say actually-. “Noona” means “big sister”. It means “Thumbs up Noona” as you can guess.

Cool name for a blog, ha? In this blog, I am mostly gonna share movie or drama critics from both Korean and other countries. Don’t be surprised if you see something related to teaching English because I am a prospective English teacher.

I hope you enjoy reading it. Please don’t forget to share your thoughts as well. It is only fun if I can hear you too, right?

P.S.: My next post will be about a Korean movie: Love, Lies. See you^^