Playbuzz: Perfect for Quizzes

Recently, I have discovered an interactive website called Playbuzz when trying to prepare a fun quiz for a certain website.However, it turned out to be used for creating polls, quizzes, trivias, lists and even for writing a story. I am gonna mention about quizzes for today.



There are many quizzes you can take which other users created it and shared publicly. If you want to take one step further and create your own quiz on any topic and category, click the Create button.


You can determine the number of questions, and answer choices. Moreover, after the answer is given, you can add the explanation which is pretty informative besides being fun. In the end, you can specify the overall score from the text.

Here is an example:




Not surprisingly, you may choose to use quizzes for teaching purposes. Don’t forget: even if you aren’t planning to create any quizzes, trivia, etc., you can always enjoy the site :))


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